ElleTENS+ Product review

Natural Pain relief for labour

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine is a small, portable, battery operated device that sends a pulsed electrical stimulus (feels like a tingling sensation) to nerves via electrode pads placed on the skin. They are safe, highly effective, non-invasive, assisting with reducing back pain associated with labour by causing the body to release natural endorphins and by blocking the pain messages being sent to the brain from the area of concern.

The Elle TENS+ is the ultimate TENS machine as it has three different functions. You can use it in labour with a handy boost button to get you through contractions and a timer + history to track your labour progress. The general pain mode can be used for numerous conditions such as post birth pain, migraines and shoulder pain and it sets itself above the rest with the inclusion of a pelvic mode. Attaching a SensaTone vaginal probe to the TENS machine enables you to work on your pelvic floor and to assist post delivery (12 weeks postpartum) with pelvic floor issues such as incontinence. Included in the box is 4 electrode pads, spare batteries, spare lead and travel bag, so you have everything you need for labour handy. It comes with both a neck cord and belt clip and is very light so you are you able to keep it in easy reach to push the boost button at the start of each contraction. Being able to step up the pain blocking sensation during contractions can give you a sense of control and empower you throughout your labour. The inbuilt contraction timer will switch on and off with the use of the boost button so you don’t need to multitask and you can easily check the history to be able to let your care provider know what has been happening in regards to contractions.


The EllleTENS+ will allow you to stay active through out your labour with the bonus of being able to use it in conjunction with other pain relief techniques such as sterile water injections, entonox gas and even morphine. The pads and machine need to be removed for the shower or bath, but if you stick the electrode pads back to their packaging, they can be reused up to 30 times. As you can use it safely for a long period of time, I would recommend putting it on as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable to let your body have time to build up its natural endorphins. It’s a good idea to have read the manual ( or even just the quick guide) prior to using it in labour so you are confident in the placement of the pads and utilising all the functions. Some health funds will cover the cost of purchase (usually under medical appliances in policy) so check with yours or alternatively look online for companies that hire the ElleTENS+ (usually $50-100 for 4- 6 week hire + postage). If you want your own ElleTens+ you can buy online at: https://elletens.com.au

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