Breastfeeding friendly jumper- Review

Mama Clothing

When you think of breastfeeding friendly clothes, ugly, boxy and expensive usually jumps to mind. Thankfully an Australian company, Mama Clothing, set about changing that in early 2016, producing a great range of breatfeeding friendly jumpers and tops. Newborn babies feed often (and what seems like constantly during witching hours) and therefore having to take your jumper on and off to feed can get annoying and chilly! Even with strong anti-discrimination laws to support public breastfeeding (you can breastfeed anywhere you can also legally be), feeding in public can be at times difficult even for the most experienced breastfeeding mum. Unsupportive friends or family, anxiety and clothes that are hard to feed in can all make it more challenging. Being comfortable with your clothing choice can increase your confidence and decrease the anxiety surrounding feeding in public, especially for first time mums. The Mama breastfeeding jumper features a warm fleecy lining, perfect for a Sydney winter, and discreet vertical access slits making it easy to feed without removing your jumper. The sizes run a little small, so I would suggest ordering up a size to ensure you have room for any engorgement that may occur (especially in the first 6 weeks while your supply is regulating to baby’s needs). The Olivia Hoodie has two nifty inbuilt invisible zippers that can be unzipped to feed and also includes a descent sized front pocket to stash your phone and keys if you’re brave enough to dash out without a nappy bag (I also like to live dangerously!). For feeding in pregnancy or more mild weather (autumn/spring or places that don’t get a very cold winter), I would suggest the Sophie lightweight sweater (similar to the mama with vertical slits, but long line design and doesn’t have the fleecy lining) instead. The jumpers are super affordable at under $45 and they offer ZipPay for those wanting to buy now, pay later. Have a look at the range at:

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