6 real life situations where baby wearing can save the day + Tula Free to Grow Review

Playing or entertaining older siblings – Even the most excited sibling will be a little put out when a new baby brother or sister comes on to the scene and even more so when mummy can’t play or run after them when tending to the new baby. Babywearing means you still have two hands free to build Lego, play dolls or cars, kick a ball, read books and ensure older siblings are not feeling left out or neglected.

Preparing dinner – Although there are some safety concerns when it comes to actually cooking when babywearing (fire, hot things etc), just prepping dinner with your infant on the front (or back if able to sit independently) is usually pretty safe. Witching hour, partners still being at work, tired toddlers and dinner prep all seem to coincide so having baby happy and safe in the carrier can make life a lot less stressful for all involved. Put on some tunes and bop away, they may even fall asleep, leaving you to your eat dinner in peace!

Grocery shopping- Although touting to have large baskets, there never seems enough room in the pram for anymore than bread and milk and putting bub in a germ filled trolley doesn’t appeal to most. Ditch the pram, put bub in the carrier and enjoy the leisurely walk down the aisle, filling your trolley with all the chocolate biscuits a new mum deserves.

 School drop offs – Although you told hubby you NEEDED to get that expensive car capsule, because then you wouldn’t have to get the sleeping baby out of it to do the pre/school drop off, carrying a 4 kg + baby in a 5kg capsule gets heavy ( and annoying) pretty quickly. Two clicks of the baby carrier and your able to have your hands free to carry school bags/ hold your child’s hand to safely enter school. You’ll be amazed how well babies transfer into carriers.

 Breastfeeding on the go – Breastfeeding can be time consuming in the early days when both you and your baby are learning to breastfeed. I highly recommend taking advantage of this time to rest and recover, but for some, sitting down to feed all the time isn’t always feasible so with a bit of readjusting, even those with large breasts can feed in the carrier. Ensure your baby is returned to a safe carrying position, with an unobstructed airway once you’ve finished feeding.


Breastfeeding while prepping dinner

Leaving baby with someone else – When grandparents, siblings or friends offer to babysit, give them an invaluable tool (your trusty baby carrier) to soothe and settle your infant, as you walk out the door to freedom.

Travelling – Baby bag, carry on luggage, suitcase, car seat, pram, travel cot, airline tickets, transfer paperwork….the list goes on when traveling interstate or overseas. A baby carrier means your hands are free and your baby is safely connected to you through busy airports and when boarding planes or transport. You will have to take it off to pass security and for take off/landing but wearing bub at all other times will save your sanity!

Tula Free to Grow Review


Tula free to grow

The Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier is a simplistic yet stylish carrier that utilises an adjustable waistband and panel to accommodate an infant to toddler (3.2kg-20kg) without the use of a bulky infant insert. The carrier is quite simple to use and adjust so I highly recommended it for those just entering the world of babywearing. With only 2 clicks you can be off and wearing your baby comfortably and safely. It features one handed open buckles and generous lengths of webbing (for those with t-rex arms like me or a little plus size) to make the buckles easy to reach and undo.


It’s simple panel design means it lightweight and breathable (only weighing 800grams) and I didn’t feel at all hot or sweaty on a warm Sydney day. The carrier can be worn both on the front or on the back (baby should be able to sit independently before trying baby carrying) and I found both comfortable, I even changed from front to back while wearing my 8 month old using the “walk like an Egyptian” method.

The wide waistband was comfortable, without getting in the way of my leg movement and helped distribute the load of my 10 kg baby onto my hips. There is also a pocket on the waist band that could fit a credit card or a few small things, it can be a little fiddly to get into when you are wearing bub as you can’t see it, but useful if you’re going out without a bag. The shoulder straps are padded without being too bulky and the back strap is adjustable, I find having it at bra strap height is the most comfortable. The extra padding around the leg area meant that even after extended periods of wearing my baby he was comfortable and had no visible marks on his legs. The removable hood meant I could shade bub when walking around at the markets and provided some cover when breastfeeding.


The panel adjusts easily with a simple snap system on the inside of the waistband, this ensures that the baby is being supported knee to knee (the M position) at all times as they grow and saves you buying another carrier or needing to use an infant insert. I used the middle setting to ensure the edge of the panel stopped in the bend of his knees to ensure his comfort and maintain an ergonomic position. The height of the carrier can also be cinched by tightening or releasing the webbing at the top of the panel to ensure the airway is not compromised and they can be viewed at all times.



Grab your own Tula free to grow at https://babytula-australia.com for $259


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