Breastfeeding after breast surgery

A mother’s milk production capability post any breast surgery will fall somewhere on a continuum of full milk supply, partial milk supply, or no milk supply at all.  It is hard to determine what effect a past surgery will have on the production and/or supply of milk prior to the birth.  Augmentation  ( Breast Implants … More Breastfeeding after breast surgery

5 breastfeeding tips for women with bigger breasts

Breastfeeding is definitely not a one-size-fits-all experience and those with bigger breasts can find themselves experiencing a range of different issues that their small chested friends may not encounter.   Here are my 5 top tips for mums with large breasts starting their breastfeeding journey:   Support them – Whether you already had large breasts … More 5 breastfeeding tips for women with bigger breasts

Post immunisation tips + Aura Wrap by Ergo Review

Childhood immunisations are highly recommended in Australia to reduce child morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases such as Whopping cough, Hepatitis B, Polio and Chicken Pox.   The first of the childhood immunisations are given at 6-8 weeks and involve two injections into the leg muscles. Research has shown that vaccines are both safe and … More Post immunisation tips + Aura Wrap by Ergo Review

Jooyna Eco Wipes 

Having spent 9 months watching what I eat, drink and put on my skin to ensure that my growing baby was able to do so in the best environment, it seemed crazy to start wiping it with towelettes soaked in chemicals when it came earth side. Luckily when late night instagraming (with dreaded pregnancy insomnia) … More Jooyna Eco Wipes