Breastfeeding and Maternal Diet

Lactation is a normal physiological process for postpartum women. All mothers should eat well, although not perfectly, every day to ensure health and wellbeing regardless of breastfeeding status.  A healthy diet should consist of a wide range of foods. A simple  breakdown of a lactating woman’s diet  should be 50-55% carbohydrates ( complex), 12-15% protein … More Breastfeeding and Maternal Diet

Jooyna Eco Wipes 

Having spent 9 months watching what I eat, drink and put on my skin to ensure that my growing baby was able to do so in the best environment, it seemed crazy to start wiping it with towelettes soaked in chemicals when it came earth side. Luckily when late night instagraming (with dreaded pregnancy insomnia) … More Jooyna Eco Wipes